Response from Michael Milligan, Secretary General of the MMF


Thank you for your email on the proposed Roundtable Initiative. The MMF has a long history of discussing EMF related concerns and questions with consumers, governments and other stakeholders, and as such we have no issue with any project or process that is designed to further this discussion. In the current context though, we don’t feel that it would be appropriate at this time to participate in the ‘Roundtable’ as we are already involved in the European Commission’s Stakeholder Dialogue Group on EMF which shares broadly similar objectives to your own proposal, namely:

“To formulate recommendations on the management of the issue of EMF and health. These recommendations are expected to include policy recommendations at EU level but could also be specific recommendations to any of the involved stakeholders. Ultimately, the objective is to establish a constructive dialogue among the various stakeholders and to propose a path for the future that can be accepted by all parties to reduce public and business concerns. “

More information on this process is available  here

Being part of this process we believe that it could well send the wrong message to other participants if we were to join in another high profile process with similar objectives, before allowing the current one to conclude.

Regards, Michael

Michael Milligan, Secretary General, Mobile Manufacturers Forum

15th Floor, 100 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong


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