MMF said no but for a “wrong” reason

Michael Milligan and MMF in response to my invitation to participate in “The Round-Table Initiative”, have explained that they are already involved in another discussion group: “Stakeholder Dialogue Group on EMF”. Participation in the new initiative would, according to MMF, hamper the works of the first group.

The explanation of MMF is misleading. The mentioned in MMF response stakeholder group is not functioning since November 2011.

According to the minutes of the fourth, and last, meeting of the “Stakeholder Dialogue Group on EMF” this group is not anymore active:

“…In view of what happened in this fourth meeting, members agreed to suspend the activities of this Stakeholder Dialogue Group on EMF for the time being. However, the group agreed to be maintained as a possible ad hoc resource for the Commission to consult on specific issues…”


2 thoughts on “MMF said no but for a “wrong” reason

  1. Dear Darius, the stakeholder group is still in function. I represented the International EMF Alliance on 20th February 2013. “Workshop on Risk Communication – Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health”. Will post it when published. But it was more looking for best practices (interesting projects in several countries) than discussion and interaction.

    Alex Swinkels

    • Using participation in stakeholders group as excuse to not participate in the Round-Table Initiative was clearly misleading of the MMF. The goals of both are clearly different. Dariusz

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