Message from Alex Swinkels from IEMFA

This message is published with the permission of the author. These are personal opinions of Alex Swinkels and they should not be considered as opinions of IEMFA.


Dear Dariusz,

Think you have initiated a great initiative starting the EMF “Round Table”. Communication is crucial and this is one way to do it. I know many scientists from ICNIRP, BioInitiative, MMF, WHO and hope the organizations will agree to have an open discussion. Hopefully it will develop to an International Stakeholders dialogue group with all “stakeholders” together. All involved groups should work and speak together and share best practices, at the moment are most of them living in their own “Castle”.

For myself I’ am working together in a Dutch group involving, Government, Mobile Network Operators, NGO’s and several other stakeholders. It started more than 3 years ago and the atmosphere was “Icy” at least…. but now after many talks it is a totally different atmosphere we are almost on the same level and are agreeing on many items. Bias is one of the main problems with “humans”.

I’ am supporting this initiative totally. 

Kind regards, International EMF Alliance
Alex Swinkels, Netherlands
Board Member



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