Response from Henry C. Lai

Below is the response from Henry C. Lai to my inquiry about his willingness to participate in “The Round-Table Initiative”. Te message is copied with the permission from the author.


Message from Henry C. Lai

Hi Dariusz,

I have a mixed feeling on this ‘round table initiative’.  I guess its purpose is to formulate a forum for scientists who have different opinions on EMF bioeffects to objectively discuss and exchange ideas. I generally support such an endeavor.  However, I have some reservation on whether anything fruitful could come out of it.  The idea is not new and has been tried before, e.g., the NIH EMF-RAPID Program meetings and the National Academy Science meeting.  Nothing substantial ever came out. This is not surprising. If the discussion is based on science, since there is some truth in all scientific arguments, it is generally very difficult for scientists to convince each other on who are really right or wrong. If the discussion involves EMF policy/politics and money, the chance of coming to an agreement is even more remote.  In our field, the line separating science and politics is not very^well defined. However, I think it is worthwhile to set up a roundtable to discuss the matter. Why not? [text boldened by DL] Misinformation abounds in this area. People need to be properly informed. Facts have to be logically explored. God is in the details.

In addition, I think it is not appropriate to compare the BioInitiative group with ICNIRP. I don’t think the BioInitiative Report came up with any unanimous conclusion. Each author wrote his/her chapter and the opinion in each chapter is that of the authors alone.  There was no communication and discussion among the authors on the preparation of the Report.  As a matter of fact, I don’t personally know some of them.

Henry Lai



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