Contacting potential participants

On February 7, 2013 I sent e-mails to Cindy Sage of BioInitiative, Michael Milligan of MMF, and Rüdiger Matthes of ICNIRP asking whether their respective organizations would be interested and willing to participate in “The Round-Table Initiative“.

Also, at the same time, on February 7, 2013, I sent e-mail to the media office of the WHO asking to pass the same message to the Director Margaret Chan.

On February 8, 2013 I send e-mails to 17 individual members of BioInitiative and to all members of the ICNIRP Main Commission asking whether they, as individual scientists would be willing to participate in “The Round-Table Initiative”. Within the 48 hours I received formal letter response from the BioInitiative, signed by Cindy Sage and David O. Carpenter. I have received also responses from 5 scientists, members of the BioInitiative.


6 thoughts on “Contacting potential participants

  1. Dariusz, this is a vital initiative and I hope you can pull it off.

    It seems to me the key question is: what were the ingredients that led to agreement at the IARC meeting in 2010? The Round Table needs a process and panel that ensure those scientists/organisations who don’t have an interest in reaching agreement can’t stall the proceedings or press for a disengenuous outcome.

  2. This reminds me … of the Radiation Research Trust Conference in London in 2008.

    Eileen O’Connor & Co had done marvellous job to bring together people representing different opinions. It was really fascinating to be there and listen to conversations.

    But…the ICNIRP folks just played time with their speeches, avoiding real discussion about biological effects. And the head of WHO International Project people did not answer questions from audience, just let the former head of the WHO International EMF Project to do answering. What a theater!

    In that sense I perfectly understand the answer of C.S and D.C.

    Still, good luck Dariusz with your Round Table Initiative.

    • Mikko, past “failures” should not detract us. There is a need for some agreement on what science really means and to determine how cautious we should be with this omnipresent technology.

      • Yes, that 2008 Radiation Research Trust Meeting at the Royal Society turned out to be another ‘people talking without listening’ affair despite Eileen’s effort to bring people of different opinions together.
        I am thinking whether it would help if we make this roundtable more scientific and objective. The first obvious topic to discuss is whether the present EMF exposure guidelines (RF and ELF) recommended by ICNIRP are reasonable. There are people who think they are fine and others who think they are obsolete and should be revised. It would be interesting to bring these people together and discuss these issues. However, before we do that, I would suggest that the discussants first carefully review and familiarize themselves with the history and the rationales on which these guidelines were set. Otherwise, nothing will be accomplished. I have a hunch that most scientists in EMF have no idea of these concepts. Many years ago, I was invited to give a talk at a WHO meeting in Erice, Italy. In the middle of my talk, I asked how many people in the audience knew how the RF-exposure standards were set and how many of them read the DeLodge papers on which the RF-exposure guidelines were based. There were about 100 people in the lecture hall. Only two of them raised their hands.

        Henry Lai

      • OK Dariusz, I am still open-minded 🙂 I like Henry’s point below: “First carefully review and familiarize themselves with the history and the rationales on which these guidelines were set”.

  3. It seems to me, that your planned initiative provides to the “independent follower” of this ongoing debate another option to separate the “wheat from the chaff”.

    I’m following with great interest these Initiative…

    Best Doris

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